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Here you can find nearly everything that my mixed-genre* tracker music project Efenstor (1994-2005) ever produced, including some never-before-released material.

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All the files released under the CC BY-SA License, read it carefully!

* The spectrum of genres ranges from pop to metal, sometimes with a lot of folk influences and heavy orchestration. Vocals are absent.

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2016/01/22: Export with MozJPEG v0.4 released

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My active projects:

Lesnoy Tanets - Progressive folk music project
Kamassian Dictionary - Kamassian-Russian dictionary
Literature - Some literary works (mostly in Russian)

Inactive projects:

Old Song - Melodic electronica side-project
Venera-13/14 Videos - Videos from the Venusian landing probes
Stratopoint Software - My former shareware company
Chukchi Phrasebook - Scans of a Russian-Chukchi phrasebook

Pal'ar Magata Elel'ma esaro Tisata afama!
May the Magic of Elel' fill away thy soul!

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